In QGIS 3.16 I've got a point layer for several sample points in a coastal stretch. The attribute "EPR0113_er" indicates the erosion rate recorded at that point and I would like to represent it, not as a point, but as a segment whose length is related to the "EPR0113_er" value.

I've been trying different approaches using the Geometry Generator tool, without success. Any ideas about how to build it?

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    Can you please give an example/graphic of your desired "graduated segments"?
    – Taras
    Nov 26 '21 at 7:40
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    Maybe this thread can help you: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/324974/…
    – Taras
    Nov 26 '21 at 8:03
  • Is there any orientation/direction value in the point layer? Nov 26 '21 at 8:40
  • @Taras I really don't have any preferred design for the segments. They can be simple lines or, as suggested in the answer given below, as wedges. Nov 26 '21 at 8:47
  • @KadirŞahbaz There's no direction attribute, only positive or negative values for accretion or erosion rates. Nov 26 '21 at 8:49

You can use wedge buffer:

wedge_buffer($geometry, 120, 10, "rate", 0)

enter image description here


If there is an azimuth value (ex. AZIM) in the layer, you can use this:

make_line($geometry, project($geometry, EPR0113_er, radians(AZIM)))

otherwise, you can specify any direction value:

make_line($geometry, project($geometry, EPR0113_er, radians(100)))

enter image description here

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