I would like to convert .laz file to .las. I am using Python and I have installed laspy with lazrs extension.

I tried in Pyscripter (v4.0) following solution (this solution was mentioned here: Reading LAZ file in Python directly?):

import laspy
las = pylas.read('D:\\TEST\\test.laz')    
las = pylas.convert(las)    

And it even doesn't read the file. It says: "

thread '' panicked at 'index 17529 out of range for slice of length 17521', src\libcore\slice\mod.rs:2725:5


However, I wanted to download LASzip (https://laszip.org/), but there is no win installation file available. It seems the site doesn't work.

Does anyone know how to convert laz to las?


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This isn't a python fix, but in ArcPro you can just use the Convert LAS tool. I find even though its an optional parameter, you just need to make sure the coordinate system is set and it works great!


This is a solution that worked with python. Thanks to GBG's comment.

"This works for me: github.com/LummiGIS/LAS_tools/blob/main/LAZ_to_LAS.py"

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