I have a 'Layer 1' that represents geographical areas. And another 'Layer 2' contains some location-based information.

I want to count/aggregate the tweets per geographical using QGIS. For example, in the following screenshot. The count is 3 points(containing the one on the border if allowed), given that Layer 2 has no reference attribute that can be used to link with layer 1 (only the location of the feature).

Is there a way to do it using QGIS?

enter image description here

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Use the "Count points in polygon" tool, which can be found under Vector > Analysis Tools > Count points in polygon as well as in the Processing Toolbox (Ctrl+Shift+T).


Using QGIS expressions via field calculator:

  1. select the polygonal layer;
  2. start the field calculator;
  3. create a new numeric field;
  4. populates the field with the expression
aggregate (
  layer: = 'points',
  aggregate: = 'count',
  expression: = $id, 
  filter: = intersects ($geometry, geometry(@parent))

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