I use ArcGIS Pro 2.9.0 and ArcGIS JavaScript. I am new to using my feature sets with ArcGIS JavaScript.

I have a point feature set on ArcGIS Online (https://services2.arcgis.com/iVTT0jpvWSmHS8yL/arcgis/rest/services/GPR_punkt/FeatureServer/layers) that has two attributes I want to show some basic statistics of. It is the column year and hectare.

By doing summarize and create bar chart of the summarization in ArcGIS Pro, I got exactly what I want, a simple and basic statistic over the area (in hecatare) that has been run each year:

statistic hisotgram

The problem arises when I want to show this in my online map (located at https://kartla.xyz/html/gf.html)

I am unsure what tool is the right one for this, and I want one that does not use the current map view or anything like that. Only a statistic for all of the records.

I created a box (I found an example online) that I want to populate with this data:

// UI-element

const titleContent = document.createElement("div");
titleContent.style.padding = "15px";
titleContent.style.backgroundColor = "white";
titleContent.style.width = "500px"; titleContent.innerHTML = [ "

Vi tester

", ].join(" ");

const titleExpand = new Expand({ expandIconClass: "esri-icon-dashboard", expandToottip: "Summary stats", view: view, content: titleContent, expanded: view.widthBreakpoint !== "xsmall" }); view.ui.add(titleExpand, "top-right");

Should I do a query inside this? Or is histogram or StatisticDefinition the best solution? I know I could just paste a picture of my findings from ArcGIS Pro, but then I have a problem when I add more data for 2021.

  • You could use d3.js to draw diagram in your box, see for example observablehq.com/@d3/histogram
    – TomazicM
    Commented Dec 1, 2021 at 18:45
  • I was thinking how to use some of ArcGIS JavaScript modules and widgets to replicate the same results that I have done in ArcGIS Pro, then show it inside the element. Commented Dec 2, 2021 at 9:02
  • Years ago I worked on a project where we pulled data from ArcGIS Server feature services (probably via simple queries to the REST endpoints) and displayed it popup windows using Highcharts. Commented Dec 4, 2021 at 2:41

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Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, once the layer has loaded, you can use a "group by" query on the layer to get the summary statistics that you want. Then display/format the table/chart as you wish.


  gfPunkt.when(() => {
    const statsQuery = gfPunkt.createQuery();
    // create a query for both Count and Hectares
    statsQuery.outStatistics = [
        onStatisticField: "hectare",
        outStatisticFieldName: "Counts",
        statisticType: "count"
        onStatisticField: "hectare",
        outStatisticFieldName: "Hectares",
        statisticType: "sum"
    // group by year
    statsQuery.groupByFieldsForStatistics = ["year"];
    // return the results ordered by year
    statsQuery.orderByFields = "year";

Full example code at https://codepen.io/bsvensson/pen/WNZQoqO

screenshot of table


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