I am new at open source GIS platform. I am using Ubuntu 12.10. I have tried to install the followings but without 2-3 tools I could not install anyone. Can any body help me how can I install the following software from scratch. I mean dependencies on each other and installation priorities.

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. PostGIS
  3. GDAL
  4. GEOS
  5. PROJ4
  6. PGRouting (cgal & gaul)
  7. Tilemill
  8. Mapnik
  9. Mod_tiles
  10. QGIS

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    This question is too broad and not specific (which 2-3 tools?). Try using the Ubuntu package manager. That should help. And then come back with the ones that you have trouble with. – Stev_k Nov 21 '12 at 17:17

Why don't you try the OSGEO Live DVD, check this website for more information and download.

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