The documentation for GEE Kernels states that, " If the kernel is specified in meters, it will resize when the zoom-level is changed." If I am using the python API, however, what is the default zoom-level? And how do I change it?

An example code segment might look something like this

kernel = ee.Kernel.euclidean(150000,"meters")
distance = mangrove_map.distance(kernel,false)
reducers = ee.Reducer.mean()
    stats = distance.reduceRegions(

Where distance is some image and CensusSectors_aoi is some feature collection.


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“Zoom level” is a description that makes the most sense when you're viewing an interactive map. But it's just another perspective on the fundamental concept which is the requested pixel resolution of the image.

For example, if you've specified 600 nominal meters per pixel in reduceRegions(). Thus, if the kernel were used in that image, it would be

(150,000 meters) / (600 meters per pixel) = 250 pixels

in radius.


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