I have a WRF domain called geo_em.d01.nc. I import this domain in QGIS and I see it in blue/red as you can see in the picture.

WRF domain

How can I overlap this domain on my Esri background map?

I understand that I have to set my personal SR, but the code doesn't work. Here the code I set in QGIS:

+proj=lcc +lat_1=ds.TRUELAT1 +lat_2=ds.TRUELAT2 +lat_0=ds.MOAD_CEN_LAT +lon_0=ds.STAND_LON +a=6370000 +b=6370000

I still see my map too small and in a bad SR coordinate.

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    Which CRS should the raster be in, and which CRS does your project have? Which QGIS version are you working with? Why do you think you have to set your own CRS?
    – Erik
    Dec 2 '21 at 14:34

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