I have tried reading the docs located here but there is no mention of any method that allows you to add new attributes to the feature only modify existing ones.

Something along the lines of:


A snippet from my code where I attempted to find a workaround is shown below:

        #create score field by copying fields from origin
        #and append the new score field
        fields = QgsFields(source.fields())
        fields.append(QgsField('Score', QVariant.Int))

        for feature in features:

            #set score for each feature
            score = 12

            #set score attribute
            feature.setFields(fields, initAttributes=False)
            feature['Score'] = score

            #add feature to the output
            sink.addFeature(feature, QgsFeatureSink.FastInsert)

However, when I run the plugin I am making, there is no errors but the output has no attribute named Score.

Note: the score variable is not going to be equal to 12 for each feature I just changed it to be like that for simplicity. It will actually be calculated for each feature based on the features in the source layer.

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    You need to register the new attribute on the layer level, not the feature. Dec 6 '21 at 17:08

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