I'm new in GEE and now I'm trying to convert ASTER L1T images from DN to radiance, for band B04, B05, and B3N. How can I do this?

var aster1 = ee.Image('ASTER/AST_L1T_003/20000507134140');
var gainRED1 = aster1.get('GAIN_COEFFICIENT_B04');
var gainRED2 = aster1.get('GAIN_COEFFICIENT_B05');
var gainRED3 = aster1.get('GAIN_COEFFICIENT_B3N');

var rad = function radiance(image) {
var rad_RED1 = aster1.select('B04').multiply(2.088);
var rad_RED2 = aster1.select('B05').multiply(2.088);
var rad_RED3 = aster1.select('B3N').multiply(2.088);
return image}


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