I got a CSV file with a bunch of waypoints from different users tracking their routes. Each waypoint has information about time, UserId and RouteId. These points are already implemented in QGIS 3.14.16, however I want to connect the waypoints to get tracks.

Since each route was taken by another individual, they end at some point and will not connect to another track. I already tried "Points-to-line" which is not working.

ArcGIS offers "Reconstruct Tracks" which is what I am looking for in QGIS, since it is not possible for me to use ArcGIS due to several reasons. And since I am not very familiar with python I am looking for a plugin or any other tool within QGIS.


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Use Menu Processing / Toolbox / Points to Path, set Order field to the field with your time information (or any other order field, in my case simply the id) and set the RouteID field as Group field to get a separate line for each single value of this field.

Red line created from the blue points with Points to Path. As the points have three different values for track_id, three different lines are created: enter image description here

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