I'm using If/else statement to calculate geometry (field "LENGTH") for features meeting special criteria (the value in "TYPE" field does not equal AB201, AB202, AB203, AB204, AB205, AB206). The code is: Expression box:


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def mycalc(TYPE,LENGTH):
    if TYPE != 'AB201' or TYPE != 'AB202' or TYPE != 'AB203' or TYPE != 'AB204' or TYPE != 'AB205' or TYPE != 'AB206': 
        return (!shape.length!/1000)
        return LENGTH

So, I get the error

enter image description here

The command !shape.length! calculates geometry in units of the features' coordinate system, which is 'meter' in my case, so I divide it by 1000 (I need kilometers).

I know I can solve this problem by filtering featureclasses or by calculating selected features. But I use this expression in ModelBuilder, which iterates through a file geodatabase.

How should I change my code?


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You are not passing in the geometry into the function which is causing the invalid syntax error. So taking on the excellent advice from @BERA it should be:

def myCalc(myTYPE, LENGTH, geom):
    if myTYPE not in ('AB201', 'AB202', 'AB203', 'AB204', 'AB205','AB206'): 
        return (geom.length / 1000)
        return LENGTH
  • many thanks! It works!
    – Vadim
    Dec 14, 2021 at 14:27

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