I have a raster layer from which I extracted only zones with a certain color, then polygonized it with QGis. I just generalized the new vector layer in GRASS to smooth things a bit. There are many holes, "gulfs", "inlets" and cuts because the color zone in the raster overlays a black and white cartographic map. I would like to fill this spots, but I can't find a easy way. I already closed valid holes, but with "gulfs" and "inlets" I cannot use the same command. expample of cuts and inlets

In that image, only the hole on the right is suposed to exist. Is there a easy way to solve this?

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One what that works fairly well is to buffer the feature(s) by distance x (approximately half of the largest 'inlet' you wish to fill) then inverse buffer the result to get back to the initial boundary.

Another option would be to use something like a 'grow' command on the raster before you convert to vector.

  • thanks! I didn't think of that, simple and effective solution! Nov 23, 2012 at 16:26

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