I am trying to import a shapefile (created using QGIS)

enter image description here

into my PostgreSQL DB with PostGIS extension using SQL. I got the message below, any body can help:

Importing with configuration: transects, public, geom, C:\SQL\transects.shp, mode=c, dump=1, simple=0, geography=0, index=1, shape=1, srid=4326 Shapefile type: Arc PostGIS type: MULTILINESTRING[2] Shapefile import failed.

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    Ensure your SRID is correct. As an aside, I find that the import utility with PostGIS kind of spotty in the past, and that importing a layer through QGIS far more reliable.
    – RomaH
    Dec 26 '21 at 22:05
  • Thank you for your reply. I created the database again and somehow worked. It must be something I missed when setting up the first database.
    – ZCODE
    Dec 29 '21 at 20:52

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