I am very new osm2pqsgl. I have downloaded a osm.pbf file for all of Europe and I want to add this data to my Postgres database. However, I am only interested in points, no linestrings nor polygon, and within the points I am only interested in these tags and its information (like denomination, or name)

I have edited the style file from osm2pgsql down to this

node,way   historic     text         polygon
node,way   natural      text         polygon 
node,way   religion     text         linear
node,way   tourism      text         polygon

However, I cannot estimate if that is correct or not. It would be even enough to only import the points (and not reducing it down to the tags I am interested in). I can reduce this in the database down to what I am interested in.

  1. How to import only Point features?
  2. How to import only Point features with a specific tag, like tourism?
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    I would suggest you use a very small osm cutout and test your settings. Once you know it works by validating the output, you can import Europe. Dec 29 '21 at 20:31

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