I'm trying to use the Wikipedia layer in english: http://mappingforyou.eu/javascript/Leaflet.Wikipedia.js

but I'm not successful on using the leaflet infotips "BindPopup". The code could be working with a sidebar, but I prefer infotips. Can you correct the line for me please?

enter image description here

function onMoveEnd(evt) {

  var template = '<h2>{label}</h2><p><img src="{thumbnail}">{abstract}</p><p><a href="{link}">Read on Wikipedia</a></p>';

    query: {
      fields: \['label', 'lat', 'lng', 'abstract', 'link', 'thumbnail'\],
      bounds: map.getBounds()
    marker: {
      icon: L.icon({ // Icons from http://www.icondrawer.com/social-icons.php
        iconUrl: 'http://mappingforyou.eu/icons/wikipedia_16.png',
        iconRetinaUrl: 'http://mappingforyou.eu/icons/wikipedia_32.png',
        iconSize: \[16, 16\]
  }).addTo(map).on('click', function (evt) {
    evt.layer.bindPopup((template), customOptions);

    // previous code referring to sidebar

    //  sidebar.setContent(L.Util.template(template, evt.layer.data)).show();


map.on('moveend', onMoveEnd);


      evt.layer.bindPopup((template), customOptions);

was replaced with

      evt.layer.bindPopup(L.Util.template(template, evt.layer.data), customOptions);

and successfully managed to show the data.

enter image description here

  • Bonus question: how do you add geolocation to a Wikipedia article? ;)
    – Vincent Dc
    Jan 4 at 0:15

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