I was using QNEAT plugin for QGIS just fine after some very thoughtful recommendation on this web. The first time all went well, but I needed to redo it. Now when I try it I get an error.

I can use any QNEAT process and the same error occurs:

 Algorithm 'OD Matrix from Layers as Table (m:n)' starting… Input
 parameters: { 'DEFAULT_DIRECTION' : 2, 'DEFAULT_SPEED' : 4,
 GIS/Zástavba/Osídlenost 2020 Třebíč/Osídlenost 2020 Třebíč.shp',
 GIS/Infrastruktura/Highway Okres Třebíč
 EPSG-5221.gpkg|layername=Highway Okres Třebíč EPSG-5221', 'OUTPUT' :
 GIS/Docházka/QNEAT/qneat odm m2n 001.shp', 'SPEED_FIELD' : '',
 'STRATEGY' : 0, 'TOLERANCE' : 0, 'TO_ID_FIELD' : 'fid',
 hlavní Q GIS/VHD/highway bus stop Třebíč (5221).shp', 'VALUE_BACKWARD'
 : '', 'VALUE_BOTH' : '', 'VALUE_FORWARD' : '' }
 [QNEAT3Algorithm] This is a QNEAT3 Algorithm: 'OD Matrix from Layers
 as Table (m:n)' Traceback (most recent call last): File
 line 224, in processAlgorithm to_coord_list =
 getListOfPoints(to_points) File
 line 94, in getListOfPoints return [f.geometry().asPoint() for f in
 qgsfeatureiterator] File
 line 94, in <listcomp return [f.geometry().asPoint() for f in
 qgsfeatureiterator] ValueError: Null geometry cannot be converted to a
 Execution failed after 0.22 seconds
 Loading resulting layers Algorithm 'OD Matrix from Layers as Table
 (m:n)' finished

I am trying to do OD Matrix from layer as lines m:n.

All layers are the same as before when it worked. I have no idea what changed. I didnt do anything different.

Initially I followed advice in an answer provided for my previous question here: Average walking distance

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    You appear to have a null geometry in one of your inputs, you can use the QGIS tool check validity to verify which records these are and remove them/fix them
    – 15Step
    Jan 4, 2022 at 14:12
  • Thanks to you I just now realised that removing points with the Vertex Tool doesn't actually remove the point, only its geometry. Did not know that. It would seem I have done something in-between I forgot about. Thank you. Jan 4, 2022 at 20:22

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User 15Step was right. I had some NULL geometries in my bus stops, because I tried to delete some and lazy me used Vertex Tool that only removes the geometry not the feature itself. I had to delete the points completely.

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