I will use the leaflet for a display showing a historical map of the history museum. It works on a local network that is not connected to the Internet, and visitors can manipulate the map with a stylus to learn about historical matters.

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Leaflet will automatically generate a link to leafletjs.com in the attribution. However, this link does not work because it is on a local network, and if a visitor accidentally touches it with a stylus, an inaccessible error screen will appear, confusing the visitor.

Is it possible to suppress this link to leafletjs.com?

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Map object (let's say it's map) has property map.attributionControl which points to default map attribution control, where so called prefix is text Leaflet with a link to the Leaflet home page.

Attribution control prefix can be changed with the .setPrefix method (see https://leafletjs.com/reference.html#control-attribution-option). So to change prefix to text Leaflet without the link, the code could look like this:

  • Thank you very much!!!
    – kochizufan
    Jan 11 at 8:51

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