I want to add a picture to the layout. Normally I insert the picture file and picture successfully added. But, I want to generate an atlas. I successfully add a dynamic text as title of map based on page name with the syntax:


When I want to add a dynamic picture the syntax I try :

concat('/home/mega/Documents/', 'Bumi Harapan','.png')

It is successfuly add a picture, but not dynamic. So, I try this syntax :

concat('/home/mega/Documents/', '[%District%]','.png')

But the result is red cross. I mean no picture when I run atlas. So, how to add a dynamic picture in atlas based on page name?

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I have the answer. By using the syntax :


Or shorter, using pipes (||) to concatenate:


Remark: field names can be added without double quotes (even though for clarity, you might want to have them).

  • Yes, you're right. Successfull too. Thank you Commented Jan 8, 2022 at 12:41

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