I would like to know how I can save enhanced labels of the attribute table. I got a QGIS Project from a third person. Within a layer of this project, I can see enhanced table labels. I already found out that in this Project-folder there is a .QML-file which contains the style I guess. But everytime when I try to change the label names for example to "gemarkungsname" it is switching the label automatically back to "gemarkungs". Even when I save it as a style-file it is directly switching the label back after I saved it. So how can I set up a label with more than 10 letters?

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Fieldnames of shapefiles are only 10 characters long at most. You may add "display"-fieldnames, which can be longer and are saved within the project and/or .qml file. The field itself within the shapefile still has it's original 10 character name, which is used by the expression/label.

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