I just started working with QGIS. I just found a webappviewer that I would like to put in a work of mine for my exam.

The map can be found on: https://provincieantwerpen.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=64dd9849dbd64807960b9d7090fe2255

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You can't add an ArcGIS Web App to QGIS. However, you can add the data used in that Web App to QGIS. It's not a WMS, it's an ArcGIS Rest FeatureService. The Feature Service URL is:


To add it, open the QGIS Browser panel, scroll down to ArcGIS REST Servers, right click - New Connection... and add the URL above and give it a name then click Ok. You can then open the new connection and drop the layer onto the QGIS map canvas.

enter image description here

The way to figure out the FeatureService URL, is to open the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i) in Chrome, go to the network tab, zoom around and look for a URL with "FeatureServer" or "MapServer" in it and copy that URL discarding everything after the "FeatureServer" or "MapServer" part.

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