I'm quite new to QGIS so I suppose that this is likely an error on my part, but my project crashed and now whenever I open it I get the 'Handle Unavailable Layers' window pop up. I have never changed the location of my .shp files and so I press 'Auto-Find' or manually locate the .shp file in my directory and then click 'Apply Changes'. When the workspace is loaded, none of my assets actually show up, nor when I start a new project and drag a .shp file into it does it appear. Most of my assets were using .svg files which I personally imported but even normal .shp files with the default tools in QGIS are not appearing either. I cannot zoom to location or edit the layer in anyway to make it show up.

I managed to export it before it crashes so I still at least have an image of it, but I would like to prevent this from happening again. Here is what it looks like after I have loaded up the project file.

I am currently running 3.22.2 on Windows 10.

enter image description here

  • Do you have at least the 2 filename extensions .shx and .dbf with your shapefile in your folder ?
    – wanderzen
    Jan 16 at 9:58
  • I only seem to have .shp, .dbf and .prj files, but if it means anything some files are defaulted to AutoCAD Shape Source and AutoCAD Compiled Shape. Do you suppose that there might a conflict in these which is causing this?
    – Kurt Kho
    Jan 17 at 8:28

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Your shapefile is probably corrupted since it's missing its .shx file !


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