I have a vector layer being rendered in QGis.

I want to delete various features in the layer. I'm currently deleting each node by selecting the node through node tool and then pressing the delete button.

But I want to delete very large portions in the map. Using this method will cause a lot of time.

Is there any other method where I can draw a polygon around the feature which needs to get deleted and delete them easily ?


Use the select tool (either select by rectangle or select by polygon) to select the features you want to delete. Then you can delete all of them by hitting the delete button on the tool bar.

QGis Screenshot

  • I believe editing must be on in order for you to delete the selected features. In QGIS 2.18 you can do this by going to menu Layer -> Toggle Editing – Selah Jul 12 at 19:16
  1. Use the Select Features by Polygon. Draw a polygon to the features you want deleted. enter image description here

  2. Click Toggle editing. enter image description here

  3. Click Delete Selected from the Editing toolbar. enter image description here.

Note: This process deletes all the selected features. I'm not sure how to select and delete only a certain node/vertex within a feature.

  • You can delete nodes of a line/polygon with the node tool. You can select the nodes by rectangle, and press the del key. Only selecting by polygon is not possible. – AndreJ Nov 26 '12 at 12:06

Using a Select Features by ... tool and pressing delete will work most of the time.

However, you can run into a problem where you try to delete a feature using the Delete Selected tool and it doesn't let you. This will happen if, for example, you are attempting to delete the last two nodes in a line feature part.

If you want to delete a feature part by selecting and deleting nodes, you need to use the Advanced Digitizing toolbar:

Advanced Digitizing Toolbar

Delete Part Tool:

Delete Part Tool

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