I'm trying to compare two layers representing the cycleways of my hometown. I've exported one layer from OpenStreetMap and the other from a regional web site.

Now I want to compare the two layer and if they intersect or are very near one another, I want to keep just the data from the regional website.

The data from OSM are lines while the other data are polygons, so I created a buffer around the OSM data and used the function Intersection. Then I used the function Symmetrical difference once with the buffer and the intersection (case1), then with the regional polygon and the intersection (case 2) but this doesn't work correctly.

As you can see in the picture the green polygon represents the intersection, the red one represents case 1 and the orange case 2. The problem is that all areas belong to the same attribute so in this case I want to keep just the green one.

enter image description here

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Use "Clip" instead of "Intersection".

enter image description here

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