I created a Distance matrix from a vector layer of 36 points. I want to show all the distance lines between all the points.

In the Distance matrix layer, I click Properties > Symbology, then under the Symbol layer type I use Geometry Generator. Under Geometry type I select LineString/MultiLineString. Units are Map Units.

Finally, I use this code:

        get_feature('Site Type 2', 'id', "InputID")
        get_feature('Site Type 2', 'id', "TargetID")

When I click Apply, nothing happens. Any thoughts?

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Your expression should work, as long Site Type 2 is the name of the initial point layer (not the Distance matrix layer). Otherwise, you can also use (a bit shorter) get_feature_by_id:

make_line (
    geometry (get_feature_by_id('Site Type 2', "InputID")),
    geometry (get_feature_by_id('Site Type 2', "TargetID"))

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