I want to have user input an integer value which can then be used in an Arcade expression (for example in a popup menu).

Is there a way to do this on ArcGIS Online?

I am looking for a solution that will work on ArcGIS Online without requiring installation or server setup. Arcade doesn't have support for user input. I tried creating a text box with HTML code in a popup but I couldn't find a way to pass the value to Arcade...

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I think you have kind of answered your own question. Lets break it down.

  • Arcade doeson't support user input. - Ill take your word on this as I haven't tried, but given its more expression based, then this sounds about right.

What Arcade CAN do though, is access values from a data source.

So perhaps a design consideration is to

As an additional note, be wary of other features, like Geoforms, as these often have constraints around what type of dataset they can work.

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