I am using QGIS version 3.22.3 (QGIS 3.18+ supports point cloud visualisation natively, see here). I have some point cloud data generated from LiDAR instruments. I would like to generate several vertical profiles at various locations of the point cloud extents. And I would like to make vertical measurements, to determine vertical height differences.

For example, in ArcMAP 10.5, after I have loaded the LiDAR data, I can use the “profile view” tool. In that tool, I can make vertical measurements. Please see the screenshot below; blue points are from one point cloud source and red one are from another. Is there any way to do the same thing in QGIS?

enter image description here

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Update august 2022:

Since version 3.26 of QGIS, it is possible to produce elevation profiles. To do this you need to activate the elevation profile panel via the view menu. You can then create a profile using the capture curve tool.

Utilisation of profile tool in QGis

Initial answer:

For the moment, only the visualization of point clouds is possible in QGIS. Advanced tools, including profiles, are under development (there was recently a new funding campaign). This will be for a future version of QGIS.

You can do this with two libre softwares :

  • Thanks! Is there any way to do this using open source software? Note that it needs to handle shapefiles too. If so, please edit your answer to mention them. Feb 1, 2022 at 13:55
  • Yes. You can see the edit
    – Atm
    Feb 1, 2022 at 14:19
  • Thanks so much for that! Feb 1, 2022 at 15:37

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