We are using Vertica for geospatial data analysis. We need to integrate Vertica database with GeoServer so that we can fetch and use Vertica's data in GeoServer.

How do I create an UI for the datastore (created using https://docs.geotools.org/latest/userguide/tutorial/datastore/index.html) where I can ask for username, password or other required fields for connection? (Just like the fields that are displayed when we add a new PostGIS connection)

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GeoServer creates the GUI automatically for you, provided the datastore:

  • Is in the classpath
  • It's properly registered in SPI (see META-INF/services/DataStoreFactorySpi)
  • Declares the parameters it needs in the DataStoreFactory API.
  • Thanks for the reply, Andrea. I tried with the above approach but still, my datastore doesn't show up in the Vector Data Sources. Do we need any changes in the GeoServer code for this? I added the datastore jar and the driver jar but still no luck. Am I missing anything?
    Feb 4 at 14:45
  • No changes to the GeoServer code are needed, if the store is properly implemented, and available in the GeoServer classpath (along with whatever dependency it needs). Feb 4 at 14:49
  • 1
    Thanks Andrea Aime, I was finally able to do this.
    Feb 7 at 17:42

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