I'm wondering how to handle many map layouts in QGIS that have different symbology? As I am making layouts and trying to make them jive together (different scales, showing different things) I feel it is incredibly inefficient to set a layout, change the symbology for a different layout, and then when I go back to the previous layout to change something, I have to change the symbology back to what it was? How can I manage this better?

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    If I needed to do this again I would look at Map Themes more closely as answered by J.R. In the past for layers that differed in layouts, I duplicated them, then grouped them together with their new symbology for each layout. Then I could turn a group on or off as needed, along with using the lock options in the layout.
    – John
    Feb 3, 2022 at 16:49

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What you are looking for is called Map Themes with this you are able to register the state of each layer (visibility, style used) and give a name to the configuration. Then in layout you may set each map to follow a specific theme.

For this to work effectively you will need to create several style your layer (read this to get started)

Closely related : QGIS: Map theme with layer visibility AND style, does it exist?

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