I created a polyline representing a road using GPS points.

Then I have another set of data of random GPS co-ordinates which i have to overlay on that polyline (Road).

I am trying to calculate how many random points occur in each 1 km section of that line(road).

Can anybody give me a solution to this problem?

  1. split your polyline using split tool in editor .if your unit is based on meters. type 1000 meters .
  2. use spatial joint to join polyline with points . target feature is your polyline and Join feature is your point layer. in join operation combobox, select "JOIN_ONE_TO_MANY"
  3. open attribute table of the result . TARGET_FID field show you how many points occure in each section .for example in this field you have three "1" that means you have three points in that section. enter image description here

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