I have downloaded the israël's osm.pbf file from geofabrik. I want to extract the road network's country, which means a list of edges between two nodes ids. For a such tiny country, this list should be quite small. However when I run the python code below, it took hours and hours to perform this little task.

from pyrosm.pyrosm import OSM
filename = "israel-and-palestine-latest.osm.pbf"
obj = OSM(filepath=filename)
nodes,edges = obj.get_network(network_type="driving",nodes=True)

Do you know any alternative to speed up the task? I do not need the geometry of each node, maybe it can help

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You could use osmosis:

osmosis  --read-pbf israel-and-palestine-latest.osm.pbf  \
 --tf accept-ways highway=* --used-node  \
 --write-pbf israel-and-palestine-latest-highways.osm.pbf

The documentation is e.g. here

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