How can I create an ellipse marker with line pattern fill in QGIS?

Like this:
enter image description here

I have already made simpler symbols, but there is no solution with the ellipse

enter image description here

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To get the different symbols for each half of the ellipse:

  • make a Geometry Generator symbol layer
  • use this expression
    make_ellipse( $geometry, 10, 5, 0),    -- make an ellipse and assign it to a variable
            intersection(                  -- get intersection of rectangle and ellipse to 'clip' half of it
                 make_rectangle_3points(   -- make a rectangle that is half the bounding box of the ellipse
                        project($geometry,  y_max(@ellipse) - y($geometry), 0),  -- project a point from the original point directly north by half the height of the ellipse
                        project($geometry,  y_max(@ellipse) - y($geometry), radians(180)),  -- project a point from the original point directly south by half the height of the ellipse
                        make_point(x_max(@ellipse), y_min(@ellipse))  -- make a point of the 'lower right' corner of the bounds of the ellipse
                 @ellipse      -- @ellipse is the variable name of the ellipse made above
        120, $geometry     -- rotate the half-ellipse, 120 is the rotation angle, $geometry is the center of rotation (the original point geometry)
  • duplicate the symbol layer
  • change angle in rotate by 180 degrees so the new symbol layer aligns with the first (in my case 120->300)
  • style the 2 symbol layers as desired
  • don't forget to set Units to Millimeter for a scalable symbol

enter image description here


Use Geometry Generator with the following expression:

make_ellipse(centroid($geometry), 1, 2, 0)

Change values 1 (semi_major_axis) and 2 (semi_minor_axis).

enter image description here


You can use a Filled Marker.

  • Choose the semi-circle shape
  • set your desired rotation and give it a line fill.
  • Then add another symbol layer with the semi-circle Filled Marker (or duplicate first symbol layer)
  • give it the opposite rotation so they align, make this a simple fill (with No Brush).

enter image description here

  • 1
    Thanks for the advice ! But I need an ellipse not a circle.
    – Ivan M
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 14:35

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