I generate vector tiles using data from Postgres DB and PostGIS function ST_AsMVTGeom. I'd like to take advantage of overzooming so that I can only create vector tiles say for Zoom Level 15, and then overzoom the tiles to Zoom Level 19/20. I noticed that in some cases for detailed building outlines/land parcels the joining points loose their topological consistency once rendered into the vector tile and overzoomed. Things improve if I tile cache for larger scale, but this means I need more tiles. Is there any way to basically generate better quality/accuracy vector tiles for smaller scale so they better overzoom? Are there any methods to prevent such gaps? Could this be a result of over-simplification by the internals of ST_AsMVTGeom where I basically loose some points which causes the lines 'too straight' ?

Gaps in lines at L15

Ideally above should look like this after overzooming, but I could only achieve this after tile caching at Zoom Level 17:

enter image description here


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After a bit of digging it looks like this is fixed/improved in PostGIS 3.2.0 (I was on 3.1.1). According this release note:


#4149, ST_AsMVTGeom now preserves more of original geometry's details at scale close to target extent.

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