I have a number of spatial tables in my PostgreSQL database which I would like to tile cache to Vector Tiles. Is it possible to combine multiple tables in one go so that effectively each tile has content of many tables/layers?

After researching the ogr2ogr documentation it looks like it is possible for one layer, but I cannot figure out how to set things up for many layers? Are there any examples please how to generate MVT from Postgres using ogr2ogr / how to set the params?

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After a bit of digging this command does what I need:

ogr2ogr -f MVT tilesdir -dsco CONF=config.json -dsco MINZOOM=11 -dsco MAXZOOM=16 -dsco COMPRESS=NO PG:"host=myhost dbname=mydb user=myuser password=mypass" tablea tableb tablec

Above pulls 3 tables: tablea tableb tablec

Then in my config.json the table names become the keys as in the sample provided in the documentation:


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