i have my Vector Data saved in a PostgreSQL PostGIS enabled Database. The Data im displaying is very detailed, i want to simplify it through the simplify() method of Postgis.

I duplicated one of my tables (for test purposes to not mess up the real thing) and then used the simplify func"select ... simplify(...)..."

I got a result and inserted into the geom part of my new table. After i created a new layer with this table as spatial information, whenever i click on Layer preview, im not greeted with a map, but with a download prompt for an xml which tells me i have an error.

Am i using the function wrong ?? or is my approach inside of geoserver wrong ??

Could i possibly save my current data as a shapefile, then simplify this and then let it be processed with pg2sql or something like that ??

Whenever i add the Layer to my Geoserver and press compute Bounding Boxes, geoserver comes up with 0, -1, 0, 1 .

Sorry if i have alot of questions but im really really stuck.


The problem probably is that GeoServer needs to find your new table in "geometry_columns"

You can use the function Populate_Geometry_Columns to put all the data about your table in the right place.

About simplifying, Paul Ramsey also have a great approach in his blog

HTH Nicklas

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