I have a group layer in geoserver with all layers having one style each.

However, for the legend I want to refer to an "external" SLD (basically a simplified "dummy legend"). The SLD is in the same workspace as the group layer and I guess you can specify the SLD you want to get by GetLegendGraphic Parameters? Here specifically, I'm thinking of the SLD parameter.

The solution (I think) is something like this:


In the SLD documentation it says thatt you can refer to an external SLD by a URL. How do i know what URL to use as a parameter?

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If your style is already published by GeoServer then you can just use the style parameter in the GetLegend request:


If you need to send specific SLD then the process is the same as sending it for a layer as discussed in this question and the manual

  • Makes perfect sense, problem solved! Thanks! Commented Feb 16, 2022 at 11:44

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