Is there a safe way to install fresh PROJ, for example v8.2, in a Debian Linux server, for use with (for example) PostGIS v3?

The installation of PROJ was implicit in the PostGIS's, I never do directly... And it seems that PostGIS must be prepared for a major PROJ's version upgrade (7.x to 8.x).

RATIONALE: I'm looking for modern DGGS projections, so I need modern PROJ. Even using POSTGIS v3.2, the PROJ version is 7, but s2 projection for example needs PROJ v8.2+. Other questions, like this, shows a bug that perhaps is an "old-PROJ problem".

  • I would say you will probably find issues during/after the upgrading process. If I were you I will do a fresh installation of the whole thing.
    – Gery
    Feb 17 at 12:17
  • Thanks @Gery, make sense... But remember that PostGIS v3.2.x is the fresher (!). Feb 17 at 12:50
  • You are right, you are using the powerful sudo thing right? If so, everything comes together (proj7+postgis3.2), unless you add a gis-like dev repository (eg. unstable gis, if I am right) and install first proj8 (you can find which version to be installed) and then do the pgsql-postgis steps, or you can install painfully everything from source =) Beste Grüße!
    – Gery
    Feb 17 at 16:59


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