I am querying the Overpass API using osmdata in R, searching for all ways where bicycle = yes and would like to exclude ferry routes.

Below is my code so far and a picture of the map result. As you can see there in the map there is a protruding line representing the ferry route.

I've tried a few variations of add_osm_feature("route", != "ferry") but can't seem to get it working.

Is it possible to exclude ferry routes at all?

query_1 <- getbb("Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark") %>%
  opq() %>%
  add_osm_feature("bicycle", "yes")

query_1_sf <- osmdata_sf(query_1)

map <- get_map(getbb("Copenhagen"), maptype = "toner-background")

  geom_sf(data = query_1_sf$osm_lines,
          inherit.aes = FALSE,
          colour = "#238443",
          size = .5)+
  labs(x = "", y = "")

![ enter image description here

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The = in the function call to add_feature is not a comparison, but rather passing the value of an argument, as opposed to == or >= which are used in queries, and some functions that accept comparisons.

In the man page for the function, the last example is this: q <- opq ("portsmouth uk") %>% add_osm_feature(key = "highway", value = "!primary")

Which is illustrative of the syntax osmdata uses; you may pass it like: add_osm_feature(key = "route", value = "!ferry") for your use case, or set it manually to slot query_1$features with:

query_1$features = " [\"bicycle\"=\"yes\"] [\"route\"!=\"ferry\"]"

enter image description here

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