I'm using GDAL to georeference an image, but can't seem to find the information that I need.

In the sample code below the upper left (ul) and lower right (lr) corner coordinates denote not the corners of the image itself, but the corners of the bounding-box that span the image once it's been rotated around its midpoint (rotation).

I believe I've managed to translate the image as if these coordinates were its corners but that's not quite right. I could proceed by deducing the image corner coordinates and go from there but I'm hoping there's a way to let GDAL figure this out for me.

Is there some way I can feed GDAL with bounding-box coordinates and rotation like this?

import gdal

ul = (18.019981384277344, 59.32425764439889)
lr = (18.103408813476562, 59.30586128759598)
rotation = -181.46  # what I need to include somehow

ds = gdal.Open('img.bmp')
    outputBounds=[*ul, *lr],


I've since figured out that the parameters I have correspond to a KML Ground Overlay and that this question is pretty much the same as these two.


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As far as I've been able to gather there's no standard recipe in GDAL to perform this operation. However, there is a plugin to QGIS that can and it outlines the necessary transformations for the corresponding operation in GDAL.

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