I changed the symbolization of my .tiff data such that the NDVI band (Band 1 (Gray)) is represented with 4 colors (RGB derived). Is there a way I can save the .tiff including the symbology changes? That way, when loading the layer in QGIS next time, it shows with the changes previously made.

QGIS version: QGIS 3.22.3 'Białowieża' on Windows 10


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Save the .tif as a Layer Definition file (.qlr). Should be the third option if you right click on the layer and go to export. You will not be able to remove your original .tif because it is being used as the layer source. Check out this solution:

Here's a summary:

The QML file (.qml) contains style information

  • The Layer Definition file (.qlr) contains a layer source pointer + style information

  • So you can drag a QLR file into a project, and it adds the layer with all its saved styling.

A QML file isn't tied to any specific data source.

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