I have a PostGIS instance in which I'm attempting to use QGIS to create 3 different geometric tables (point, line, polygon) with identical fields.

I've created the point table, but there does not seem to be a way (as in ArcGIS) to import fields using another layer's fields as a template.

I've read this: Creating new PostGIS table with records + geometries from another table?

but I do not need to wholesale copy entire tables; I need to create new tables with different geometry types but which have the same set of fields/value types.

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You can do it directly in Postgres.

use the create like command, and instruct to preserve the keys, constraints, default etc (but not foreign keys and triggers):

CREATE TABLE new_table_name ( LIKE old_table_name INCLUDING ALL);

Then modify the geometry type

ALTER TABLE new_table_name ALTER COLUMN geometry TYPE geometry(polygon,4326);

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