I have a situation like this:

enter image description here

namely, there is a plenty of items selected (roughly 14) with the willing of exporting them to the separate file. When I export these selected layers to other file, they come as the one file. As you can see, the attribute table still shows 14 in total, but just 1 is populated under the "Select all items" options. It's exactly the same when toggle "Select items visible on the map".

Is there a bug, like I found here?


or is it my bad somewhere?

When exporting I use the following option: "Replace all selected raw field values by displayed values" but it doesn't help either

enter image description here

How can I prevent the temporary scratch attribute table from disappearing after the export?

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The problem applies just to the .geoJSON export.

It might be related to this issue:


For exports like Shapefile it works well, the same as for the .csv format.

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