I have the following attribute table:

attribute table

on which there are points on different types of lands. Each land has a code that is in the CODE_00 field, I have calculated how many points there are in each of the lands in the NUMPOINTS field. How to calculate the total number of points in a land with code 311?

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    sum("NUMPOINTS", filter:="CODE_00"=311)
    – Taras
    Feb 22 at 16:03

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You can use the "Statistics by categories" tool in the toolbox. Select the layer in which your data are (Count, I guess) and then select both the fields (attributes) you want the statistics be calculated from (NUMPOINTS) and the categories (CODE_00). Then just run the algorithm. The sum will be one of the values you'll get.


Using the Virtual Layers:

FROM csd
where CODE00 = 311
group by CODE00

Using the Virtual Layers:

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