I have a raster layer (let's call it RL) that is pulling a subset of data from a very large geodatabase. Let's say it has the following attribute table:

OBJECTID Value OtherValue
0 200 600
1 300 700
100 30000 800000

Ultimately, I want to run a geoprocessing routine on the OtherValue column. However, whenever I reference RL in any geoprocessing service, it always defaults to the Value field, and not the OtherValue field like I want it to.

How can I access other fields in the raster table in a geoprocessing service or even display it on the map?

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Use the Lookup tool/function:

Creates a raster by looking up values in another field in the table of the input raster.

enter image description here

outRas = Lookup("RL", "OtherValue")
  • That does the trick. Thanks for the suggestion!
    – kroppian
    Feb 28, 2022 at 14:09

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