I am trying to make a Prism Map with the 2.5 D Renderer with latest QGIS. Unfortunately the map does not look like expected. The prism for the boundary with the highest value looks "inverted":

enter image description here

Enclosed a prism-map as it should look (not made with QGIS):

enter image description here

Here is the link to the used shapefile (zip. 24 kb) https://trinko.eu/Downloads/BundeslaenderBRPproKopf.zip

What am I doing wrong?

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I think the problem has to do with the rendering order.
I managed to get a good result by:

  1. selecting the 2.5D symbology for the polygons with the desired options;
  2. changing it back to a single symbol, which retains the 2.5D style;
  3. tick the control entity rending order (I don't know its exact English name, since mine is in Romanian) which can be found at the bottom of the symbology panel. For its options, I deleted the lengthy expression and added the attribute 2020, with ascending as the option.

enter image description here

Now, the symbology seems to accurately reflect the data.

enter image description here

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