I have this two shapefiles (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a83sh-V46uaoUFwPXEtoZnD_XUBGG9X9/view?usp=sharing). The original one is in 4326 reference system. The second one is the result of qgis reproject processing.

I wish calculate the area (square meters) in each feature. This is my script:

# -*- Encoding: UTF-8 without BOM -*-

import ogr
from qgis.core import (

dissolved_path = '/etc/zagros/20220223_Silvia_Jaqueline_RASTER/LITORAL_PR_CITYS_RASTER_EXT/ANTONINA/2000/0003_ANTONINA_PR_2000_DISSOLVED.shp'
reprojected_path = '/etc/zagros/20220223_Silvia_Jaqueline_RASTER/LITORAL_PR_CITYS_RASTER_EXT/ANTONINA/2000/0004_ANTONINA_PR_2000_REPROJECTED.shp'

import os
#  Initiating QGIS
os.environ["QT_QPA_PLATFORM"] = "offscreen"

qgs = QgsApplication([], False)
qgs.setPrefixPath("/usr", True)

import sys

from processing.core import Processing

#  Initiate processing lib
process_obj = Processing.Processing()

standardAREAfield = "area"

utmzone = 22
epgs = 31982
# Parameters for qgis scripting
algorit = "native:reprojectlayer"
parameters = {'INPUT': dissolved_path,
              'TARGET_CRS': QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem.fromEpsgId(epgs),
              'OPERATION': f'+proj=pipeline +step +proj=unitconvert +xy_in=deg +xy_out=rad +step +proj=utm +zone={utmzone} +south +ellps=GRS80',
              'OUTPUT': reprojected_path

# Execute processing alg
Processing.processing.run(algOrName=algorit, parameters=parameters)

# Build driver
driver = ogr.GetDriverByName("ESRI Shapefile")

# Open shapefile reprojected
datasource_reproject = driver.Open(reprojected_path, 1)

# Build layer from reproject dalyer
lyr_reprojected = datasource_reproject.GetLayer()

# Insert area field on attribute table
idfield = ogr.FieldDefn(standardAREAfield, ogr.OFTReal)

# Set field width

# Set field precision

# Create the field on the layer

for features in lyr_reprojected:
    # Feature Geometry object
    geom = features.GetGeometryRef()

    # Calculate area from geometry
    area = geom.Area()

    # Set area field with area value
    features.SetField(standardAREAfield, area)

    # Setting the features of this layer (final step, saving what i just wrote)


lyr_reprojected = None

The matter is the feature number 6 is a perfect square of 30 x 30 meters, so the area should be 900.00 m2... But this script is saving the value of 809.90.

What am I missing?

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I believe I found that feature from your files. The reprojected geometry from 0004_ANTONINA_PR_2000_REPROJECTED.shp is not square and the sides are not 30 m. The geometry as WKT is

        733451.619710086 7187073.450727058, 
        733478.7364326176 7187072.979020646, 
        733478.2170076868 7187043.121013427, 
        733451.1003455913 7187043.592723457, 
        733451.619710086 7187073.450727058

The cartesian lengths of the sides are about 29.8 m (N-S) and 27.2 m (W-E). The area 809.89 square meters is calculated correctly by cartesian coordinates.

It seems that reprojection of data does not happen like you supposed. The original EPSG:4326 geometry is

        -48.679076425737996 -25.41495635525268, 
        -48.67880693115276 -25.41495635525268, 
        -48.67880693115276 -25.415225849837917, 
        -48.679076425737996 -25.415225849837917, 
        -48.679076425737996 -25.41495635525268

Did you these coordinates as basis when you wrote that the sides are exactly 30 meters? How did you calculate that?

  • Those come from a landsat raster (satellite image) which has 30 x 30 m pixel. But i am sorry, you are alright, this image is a result of landsat image processing, it is not exactly 30 x 30 m (I just overlaped the original raster with the last output shapefile reprojected) and both are the same. Mar 1, 2022 at 16:40

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