I have a feature class layer where linear features will often be digitised close to each other. These lines are all features in the same layer.

Example when zoomed in:

enter image description here

Problem when zooming out to export wider map:

enter image description here

When I zoom out, the 3 line symbols overlap each other.I want the lines to retain a decent thickness but not battle each other for space. I want them to automatically detect they are close to each other and line up side by side, or spaced out a bit for clarity. Like:

![Result I want](https://i.sstatic.net/5B4KC.png[![][1]][1])

I've seen solutions to solve this problem on QGIS, but my project is on ArcGIS Pro.

Any solution?


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It depends on your intention with your map. The fact you are zooming in/out would suggest to me that you intend to use this map only in the GIS software. Paper maps can't zoom in/out, well not at least the last time I looked.

If you are wanting your symbology to move as you change scale, then typically one would create duplicate layers and have them turn on/off as you change map scale. These are properties of the layer.

Layer properties

But you are also asking to move them so you can interpret the data better. I would explore in ArcGIS Pro the ability to offset your symbology from the underlining geometry, it Is a property of the symbol.

Symbology properties

With a combination of off-setting and layer visibility thresholds you should achieve something close to what you want.

  • Thanks @Hornbydd, I edited my post to explain what I'm expecting. The layer visibility and offset is an option, but it's not automatic and seems like a lot of work. I was wondering if there is any automation to do here, like in QGIS (see this question )
    – Maja
    Commented Mar 3, 2022 at 12:23

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