I have a leaflet map up and running. It overlays a series of polygons (via GeoJSON) on the map and attaches popups to each polygon. Each of the popups display information about that polygon.

I'd like to have inside the popup a link that, when clicked, runs a javascript function that pulls further smaller polygons via AJAX and shows them.

I can't get the script to catch a click on the link via the normal jQuery/Javascript click events. Here's what I mean by normal (the following doesn't work):

$('a .smallPolygonLink').click(function(e){
  console.log("One of the many Small Polygon Links were Clicked");

The bindPopup part is as follows. It runs on each polygon when made and it pops up correctly on clicking on a polygon. It does show the link, just won't run the above code on click.

var popupContent = "Basic Information..." + '<a class="smallPolygonLink" href="#">Click here to see the smaller polygons</a>';

Any help is appreciated.


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Use .on() instead of .live() - the element is not onpage when you bind your event handler, so you'll need to bind it dynamically.

$('click', 'a .smallPolygonLink', function(e){
  console.log("One of the many Small Polygon Links were Clicked");
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    That doesn't seem to work. Here's a simpler version in JSFiddle that illustrates. jsfiddle.net/2XfVc
    – Josh
    Commented Nov 30, 2012 at 7:11
  • I'm having the same issue. Calling .bind() on the element when the popup is open works (until it is closed again), but $(document).live() doesn't seem to do anything. Commented Feb 3, 2013 at 15:28

It looks like Leaflet muffles the events from propagating outside the popup.

One way I have gotten this to work is to trap the content in a jQuery object before binding to the popup.

var popupContent = $('<div>').html('<div>Your content</div>');
var marker.bindPopup( popupContent[0] );

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