Is there a way to group the geoprocessing steps of a ModelBuilder model in the geoprocessing pane?

I am building a model that creates a new feature class and then allows the user to append existing layers to that new feature class. However, when I open the model as a geoprocessing tool, it is difficult to see which parameters are meant for which step without really looking into each tool.

Is there a way to provide a header or label for each section in the geoprocessing pane?

I want to be able to label one section "Create New Feature Class" and the other "Append to New Feature Class" where each step starts. I thought grouping and labeling in the model itself would help, but no luck.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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In ArcGIS Pro when you expose inputs and outputs of tools as parameters in a model they become the parameters you see on a geoprocessing pane when you run the model as a Model Tool.

Grouping tools as you have shown in your screenshot has no affect on the parameter order when the model is run as a tool, it's purely a visual nicety in model builder itself.

What you can do in ArcGIS Pro (but not ArcMap) is group parameters into collapsible categories by giving them a name in the properties dialog of the model.



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