I want to use the images provided by Planet & NICFI (https://www.planet.com/nicfi/#sign-up). This images are now available on GEE as shown in the dataset catalog in Google Earth engine: https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/datasets/tags/nicfi.

when I run the test scrip in my JS code editor:

var nicfi = ee.ImageCollection('projects/planet-nicfi/assets/basemaps/asia');

// Filter basemaps by date and get the first image from filtered results
var basemap= nicfi.filter(ee.Filter.date('2021-03-01','2021-07-01')).first();

Map.setCenter(107, 10, 4);

var vis = {"bands":["R","G","B"],"min":64,"max":5454,"gamma":1.8};

Map.addLayer(basemap, vis, '2021-03 mosaic');
    {min:-0.55,max:0.8,palette: [
        '8bc4f9', 'c9995c', 'c7d270','8add60','097210'
    ]}, 'NDVI', false);

It works as expected.

when I translate this code in Python and try to display it using geemap:

from geemap import Map 
import ee 


Map = Map()

nicfi = ee.ImageCollection('projects/planet-nicfi/assets/basemaps/asia')

# Filter basemaps by date and get the first image from filtered results
basemap = nicfi.filter(ee.Filter.date('2021-03-01','2021-07-01')).first()

Map.setCenter(107, 10, 4)

vis = {"bands":["R","G","B"],"min":64,"max":5454,"gamma":1.8}

Map.addLayer(basemap, vis, '2021-03 mosaic')


I get the following error:

EEException: ImageCollection.load: ImageCollection asset 'projects/planet-nicfi/assets/basemaps/asia' not found.

How can a collection be available in the JS code editor but not in the Python API ?

I'm using the same account to authenticate in both services (Python API and JS code editor)

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I had updated my NICFI data access. If anyone face this issue, you should reset your GEE authentification in your Python environment and start again:

earthengine authenticate

Now the code run on both platform


You should register at Planet.com and go to settings and enable access of planet data to GEE by specifying the Gmail ID used for GEE. It will then allow access.

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