So I'd like to create a Shapefile map which constitutes of the various 'Controlled Parking Zones(CPZ)' within the London Borough of Southwark. The map I'd like to create would be comprised of polygons similar to a map which shows various wards/municipalities. Like the image seen below:


The various parking zones within the borough can be found here:


Alternatively, here is an image of it:

Image showing the CPZ zones in Southwark Council

Ultimately, what I'd like to be able to do is import the shapefile into Power BI. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can tackle this?

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    Apologies. One first needs to convert the shapefile into a topoJSON file using mapshaper and then import that json file into PowerBI.
    – HamidBee
    Mar 13, 2022 at 8:55

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  1. Georeference the image you have
  2. Create a polygon layer and digitize the zones with your gereferenced image in the background
  • Thank you for your reply. I am new to QGIS, but I would give step 1 a try. Out of curiosity assuming I don't have an image to trace over how can I create the zones then? So assume all we know is the road boundaries.
    – HamidBee
    Mar 13, 2022 at 8:56
  • (You have the image in your question). If you know the roads it it easier, add a basemap to QGIS, create the polygon layer and digitize. If you dont have any basemaps you can add many using this python script and they can be found in Browser-XYZ tiles
    – BERA
    Mar 13, 2022 at 8:58
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    I understand. Yes I've installed a few maps already using a plugin. I'll follow both methods you've provided as I'm keen to learn how they work. Thank you.
    – HamidBee
    Mar 13, 2022 at 9:06

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